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War - is always a tragedy, both for the country and every individual.It takes real life, as opposed to online games war.No man wants to exchange the peaceful life of a wretched existence in filthy trenches under a rain of bullets whistling and afraid, not to see the next sunrise.War need policies that justify its noble objectives.But interstate rivalries have a negative impact not only on the well-being of citizens, but also on the economy, spending enormous sums on arms rather than build kindergartens, hospitals, agriculture raise and care for senior citizens.On the other hand, without a well-equipped army, too, will not do - if you are being attacked, we must deal with an attack and protect its people.I'd love to, that humanity has reached a stage of development when the war will disappear from our lives and people will be able to safely grow within their territory and live peacefully with their neighbors, enriching each other's cultural values ​​and civilized cooperation.Let them play in the game about the war, along with sports shooting there would be the only way to take up arms.Provide virtual military tanks, bazookas, grenade launchers and other fire equipment - it's a great idea!Oh that all armed confrontation and showdown moved to the virtual world, and protect the interests of the battles took place in the network space, given that the game version of the war created a lot, you can deploy your own campaign and conduct armed assault with complete realism.Many military simulators used real historical events to create their products.Game of World War II - the most tangible us in every family, offering to take the side of the Union or flop in echelon.Today, in this no one perceives a betrayal, but only the desire to know the ideology of the enemy within.To defeat the enemy, it must comprehend.And in order to understand, it is necessary to be in his shoes.In these topics, you can afford to choose a hero and manage them to perform the feat, and receiving awards.The success of the next operation will raise you, not only in rank, but also give additional game features up to command his own squad.Here gradually open new battle fields and access to weapons.These games are made by all the rules and taking into account the vital functions - your soldiers will be tired from the long run, lose life when injured and instantly die from falling into vital organs.Along with the simulator soldier, flash games offer the options to play war.These are, first of all, the audience is drawn young gamers and make their first steps in the knowledge of the military art.Additionally, this theme can stimulate interest in the study of history to learn more about it.Many people think that paying attention to military issues only people prone to aggression, but it is safe to say the opposite.Games - is a departure from the real war, and who is out for blood this, and finds it in a life that does not skimp on its possible spill.

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