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As often happens, the computer games are taking as a basis for cartoons and movies.Such an honor awarded to only the most popular products, and therefore, seeing the familiar names of games, we have no doubt that the process is going to be exciting.In this section, we'll look at a series of games that have been based on the story of adventure, science fiction animated series "Fairy Parents" (originally "Fairy godmothers"), composed Butchemom Hartman and get a life in the studios of Canadian and American Billionfold Frederator Studios, Studios and Nelvana.Lively play something magical parents repeated themes cartoon, but for the most part is a completely new idea.The series tells us the story of a magical boy Timmy Turner, who lives in a dull town Dimmsdeyle with absolutely mediocre parents.Parental responsibilities are a burden to them, and they shifted the mission of education for Timmy nanny - intolerable and vicious girl Vicky.But one day the young man realized that his fish in an aquarium - Cosmo and Wanda, are the fairies and his patrons assigned to him to look after.Their magic power allows them to perform any desire, but Timmy's negligence leads to tragic results and fairies have put a lot of effort to get everything back in order.Opening the magic parents play along with Timmy you pass different tests and face his newly gained friends and enemies.Life is not always "raspberry", and the sweetness of victory occasionally marred bitterness of defeat.But, as often happens, the blame can only be in trouble themselves.Even patrons can get out of himself and his charge to complicate life.When Wanda and Cosmo kicked another trick against Timmy, you should be with them to decide how to get out of the situation.In other games, you possess the laser weapons and will destroy anyone who jumps out from behind a corner, looking out on the roof of high-rise building, flying in the air or materialize out of thin air.Aim at the object of aim and shoot accurately, splitting offenders into atoms.Landscaping garden can be a fun thing if you do it with a magic wand.Applying it in each square area, you will turn it into a blooming meadow.Just do not be without danger, and you will have to hunt a crazy chainsaw.This happens when you use magic, but to be careful and cautious, you can avoid the danger.Saving the planet is also in your hands.Dark equalizer willed to destroy the Earth, and only you can stop in his evil plans.At other times you will be responsible for mission accomplishment justice.You have to find out which of the characters goodie and who byaka.Send the villains in jail, but try not to make a mistake.And as you tour the ancient world?Timmy desire made him a barbarian, and now he has to overcome unknown obstacles.Another time, when he make a wish, something went wrong and he fell down from the sky all he wanted before.Heap grows and threatens to bury a Timmy.Your task is not to give our hero wallow in it and get out.Once in Dimsdale came very snowy winter and the kids poured out to frolic.But Timmy did not before, because someone decided to break the vicious snow with fire fireflies.Help him to destroy them and save the winter.Remember the evil babysitter Vicky?Now you have a chance to get even with her in the game, reminiscent of checkers.Lock her chips and not let out of the trap.

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