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Online games Volt released with the same cartoon on cinema screens.They have gathered around him many loyal fans.Cartoon "Bolt" was one of the highest grossing in the United States and Russia.You will find a fascinating story, colorful special effects and car chases.In games, as in the computer animated film, the main task is to save the girl Penny.In the process you will encounter many adventures that Volta together with you to pass.This is a great game, both for adults and for children.Volt free games for you to become a real find, control, and design is so comfortable that you just plunge into the atmosphere of the town invented directors, where have to make most of the feats.Miracle dog has a truly super heroic abilities - lasers from his eyes and the ability to quickly overtake the wind missiles.You will come with treacherous villains and disrupt their plans.Feel like a real superhero, how as a child dreamed of being many, games of psec Volta give you that opportunity.Move from level to level in order to achieve the main goal.On the road you will collect different coins and bonuses to score as many points per game.The main opponent of the dog with supernormal a villain named The green-eyed.And all the troubles piled on our heads only wines from cat lovers.However, the persistence, the mission after mission, will lead us to the desired result.There are in this category, and the game of picking puzzles, the difficulty level can always adjust for yourself.Canine dog Volt has long been a symbol of loyalty and courage in children, it creates even more interest to the game.Who has not dreamed of such a dog, now even adults would not refuse a helper.Hopefully, the developers will continue to develop the theme of one of the most popular cartoons for children and the VA will still play at times exciting and addictive.Volta help save Penny and you will be rewarded a few hours of interesting and colorful game.With your help, to do the impossible and volt free his beloved mistress.But the developers did not forget about your friends Volta - Mittens and Rhino.Help them in different missions, you'll have even with mittens pop into the air sausages to gather enough food for Volta.Pass the small Reno and help to get out of the hotel where he was lost, along the way collecting different bonuses.Friendship of the main characters is strong and together with you they will win the green-eyed.Support furry heroes and white dog with a spot in the form of lightning.

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