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Good ideas always have to continue and develop in different directions.This is particularly evident in film, literature, and computer products.It should be a fictional story or hero regain how to begin to operate, producing a series of sequels and in the form of logos for related products.Series of computer games provides us with the universe Warcraft, which is answered by a serious gained popularity and appears in a number of board and card games, books, comics, images to a computer mouse pads, T-shirts, caps and other goods.Fans of the fantasy genre into the world of orcs, wizards, dragons, fairies and other unreal characters.World of Warcraft along with similar games often appear in the MMORPG genre, where the multiplayer mode allows gamers to build their own universe, managing and developing one of the characters.For the game connects multiple users in contact with the virtual environment and with each other.Play Warcraft online via the Internet, then find new friends and learn to live in a new, completely magical world.But if you prefer a single-player game, there is no obstacle.In each world war and periodically there are clashes.Warcraft universe suffers from confrontation Horde and the Alliance, and the Burning Legion, the dragon Deathwing, the Scourge and other enemies that threaten Azeroth.In this land live races and cultures that differ from each other and having their rulers.Many people live in harmony and peace, but there are others who can not come to an agreement and are enemies.The forces of evil are under the command of the ancient gods, who are preparing their armies for a crushing blow to the people of Azeroth.Pointer collected under enemy legion dead-eating horror and chaos.Taking one of the warring sides, you will fight for the Alliance or the Horde.Any of the choices will bring you new emotions and experiences, many friends and the opportunity to be in a different world for themselves, full of adventure, magic and sorcery.From the first minute you become a full-fledged resident of World of Warcraft and experience reality in an unreal world.Your chosen character will live the life that you have come up with for him.Developing it, you will create from it to the soldier dreamed of.During battles and trials, to gain the additional knowledge, skills and abilities will be enriched or lost savings, and as you complete tasks, accumulate weapons, magic items, artifacts, armor, and other items needed for the mission.Increasing the level of the virtual character, you will be successful and get a lot of opportunities to use the skills gained in the case.Leaving the game, your character will remain in the same status that he arrived at the time of the last action, and wait for your return indefinitely.And you can create multiple characters belonging to different races.Talking about the technical side of the game, you get a lasting impression of the beauty and diversity of scenery, and moving into the location, you will not feel the boundaries and will move seamlessly from one landscape to another.Detail, three-dimensional image and other details are also to be commended.After the appearance of the game Warcraft, many people began to copy the idea and created their own version of the virtual worlds.To learn magic world closer, we invite everyone to play Warcraft online, where you are waiting for new emotions and friends.

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