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Worms play online is always fun. Game worms known to many.

© With us you can play online in the worms. Many felt that the game Worms fun.© Each player controls a team of several worms. During the game, players take turns choosing one of their hearts. They then use all of the tools and weapons are available to attack and kill the opponents' hearts, thereby winning the game. Worms can navigate the terrain in various forms, as a rule, walking and jumping but also by using particular tools such as the "bungee" and "Ninja Rope", to move to other remote areas. Each, in turn, is limited in time to the players speculated unlimited, but this rule may be modified in some games in the series to play Worms online.Over fifty weapons and tools may be available for each game, and the various collections weapons and tools can be stored in a "scheme" for easy selection in future games. Other options allow the circuit parameters, such as the deployment of reinforcements box, from which additional weapons can be obtained, and the "sudden death" when the game ostanavlivaetya after the time limit. Some options include the inclusion of objects such as mines and explosive barrels.When most of the weapons, they cause explosions that deform the terrain, creating a circular cavity.Plays areas include the "island" (floating on the pond area) or "cave" (cave with water at the bottom and place on the top and bottom of the screen, this type is not available in 3-D versions due to camera restrictions and that some weapons, such as the "air strike" can not pass). If the worm hit with a weapon, the amount of damage caused by a worm, will be visible from the original amount of health worm. The damage done by the worm or worm attack after the turn of any player is displayed when all movement on the battlefield stopped.

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