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Wrestling is a very unique show.He is neither a sport nor to the theater, because it is a pure expression of one or the other direction.This kind of symbiosis arts, theatrical and acrobatic, where all pre-choreographed to the smallest detail.Before you enter the ring, like the theater, actors, athletes rehearsing all the traffic and the fact that we think of the deadly, in fact sharpened repeatedly.But it is made so skillfully that it is difficult to predict what attack, throw or tumble follows the previous one.Wrestling - is a theatrical play, staged, where the winner is known in advance only by the show.To make the most spectacular setting, the participants create competition for itself some images where in turn they go make-up and colorful costumes.Successful image - this is half the battle, and many wrestlers are winning the popularity is not less than the actors.And since the wrestling ring in a sense, really similar to the theater, many athletes, going to "retire", continue to build their careers have on-site cinema.Among the celebrities are often found former wrestler and you probably know of such popular actors as: Hulk Hogan (real name Terry Bollea Gene), Douglas Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Mr. T (Laurence Thury in life).Now that's a movie star, which remain as charismatic on the screen than they were at the time in the arena of professional wrestling.Biography mentioned people is an example of that in wrestling there is no random people, and "The Rock" Douglas hereditary third generation wrestler.The history of this struggle in its theatrical origins takes us to France.Was there that the wrestling in XIX century and eventually spread to America and Europe.At this time, this unusual action was particularly popular in Russia, and modern wrestling, such as we know it today, was formed a century later.To date, wrestling is known and loved around the world, although each country brings to his own traditions, making it different and unique in different territories.Vividly presented in North America, Mexico and Japan.From the show hard to come off, and it is not surprising that companies are responsible for organizing and conducting wrestling.The best known and the largest of them are in America and called the (WWE) - World Wrestling Entertainment.If the announcement as an organizer says WWE, you can be sure in advance that the show will come out well.Based on this, and play games wwe wrestling can be as confident.Choosing another gaming product, you will see the characters in absolute war paint.As in life, it is a necessary step to make entertainment acts.Having started playing wrestling wwe, you will meet and female characters.Do not be surprised, since the female wrestling are not uncommon even in reality.Adhering to realism, computer wrestling game make sometimes of surprise and during gameplay in the ring, a new character that was not there before.A similar situation occurs in this show when to replace the defeated party to stand up a new one.Despite the pre-staging, wrestlers far not weak people.It is physically developed athletes undertaking in the gym more than a day and the hour, lifting weights and practicing acrobatics.Ensure that you can, if you play games wwe, wwe variety and plot the game will transform your leisure.

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