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If the phenomena which are somewhere between science and the unknown. On the one hand the mass phenomenon of witnesses, but then again, there is no evidence of him indestructible. Each read or heard about people who have faced aliens, Chupacabra, the Loch Ness monster, Bigfoot. There are even photographs and videos, ready to confirm the existence of such mysterious creatures, but they are so blurry and of poor quality, it's hard to say for sure, it's a fake or really imprinted on them representatives of lost worlds. Every nation cherishes the myth and makes him a tool to attract tourists. Monsters themselves, if they exist, struggling to avoid encounters with people and their impact can be called rather accidental. When the first publication of the snowman, supported by photographs, people are divided into three camps - one implicitly believed in him, others are completely denied the existence of such beings, and some were slow to reach a verdict, and wanted to verify the existence of self-polucheloveka prosimians. Bigfoot meets periodically in different parts of the world. He was seen in Siberia, among the mountain peaks of the Himalayas, North America and even in China. In different regions it is called differently - Bigfoot, avdoshka, enzhey, Sasquatch, Almast, Yeti. He is very tall, with long arms, with pointed up the skull and his body is covered with hair. Within the scientific community is still some debate to what form the closest Yeti. Some attribute it to the form of monkeys, others tend to think that a prehistoric caveman, who miraculously survived the course of evolution to the present day. But while pundits argue and try to have the truth, the cinema and the computer industry is not asleep, using the image of Bigfoot Entertainment to you and me. The appearance of this creature can not be called cute and pretty. So often we see a vicious and bloodthirsty monster, destroy and kill. A series of computer products based on this fearsome creatures, and you can play the Yeti on our site, which compiled a comprehensive collection of stories. Our main character lives in the snow and ice. That is his native habitat and it feels comfortable in it, although occasionally leaves cozy ice caves to take part in sports events in Greece and Australia. We offer you a Yeti playing online, which means you do not have to download a new toy to learn about new adventures. Running the next version of our page, you can control the fierce snow man who all his exercises builds on interactions with penguins. The poor bird before meeting with the monster were not even aware that they can fly. What can you do - you want to live, yet to learn! The fact that the Yeti, practicing shooting and throwing for distance, using for this penguin, and for them it ends in death. Online games Yeti - a rather bloodthirsty history. Snow skunk has a club penguin, as if by balls for baseball. Of such an attack, the poor little birds flying off his head and long jumps on the deserted field, until stumbles on a mine and does not receive a new acceleration. When the penguins are trying to hide from him in the sky, Bigfoot shooting at them with a gun. Do not have a sweet-skiers and tourists. During the game Yeti, he pelted them with clods of snow from the top of the shelter. But he himself will be in danger as a photographer determined to capture his antics picture.

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