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Defend your castle and the people in it.

In most cases, the defense is even more difficult than attacking actions.For this reason, created flash games castle defense, in which you protect a variety of forts, houses and castles.Among them will be the objects of different eras of history.There are games that take you to the medieval era, where you have to defend the castle from enemy knights who will start in his fiery darts.There are games that will take you into the future, and you have to defend a military base on an army of robots and flying saucers.In general, the protection of the castle flash games - is a special category of games where your goal is to protect some areas.You will have to lead the entire squadrons of knights, archers, soldiers and other powerful warriors to save the castle from enemies.Chances are, at your disposal will be a weapon.For example, in games where you have to defend a military base, you will use the latest weapons that can destroy anything.However, your enemies can be present even more powerful weapon, and it will complicate your task.People who love to play online security lock has long been observed that in such games the user is immersed in the atmosphere of the time in which the action takes place this flash game.If this is the Middle Ages, the user always get a feel for the whole atmosphere of heavy battles where soldiers did without firearms, and protect your castle only with sword and shield.Sometimes they helped archers to shoot arrows at their enemies.But no guns and automatic rifles had not yet been.You will have only a crossbow and a brave horse.But if you decide to feel the what the defense base, you will dive into battle with modern high-tech weapons, machine guns, mortars and long-range missiles.With such weapons if desired to destroy half the planet.But, you can not overdo it, because you only need to destroy your enemies.Tower Defence game is loved by many fans of history, because they allow you to travel back in many important historical events such as World War II or the Civil War United States.To win in these games, in addition, must be able to think strategically.You will have a lot of defense, and for a competent defense needs a plan and a good strategy.But do not panic.You sure things will work out and you get a lot of pleasure from these games, because the protection of the castle is a very interesting process!

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