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Winter Games

Each season of the year in his own good.Pleased with the first warm spring sunshine, an herb that stands out from the ground and hatches from the buds on the trees.And these are the last days of school and looking forward to summer vacation.In the summer you can swim in the river, build sand castles, catching butterflies, sunbathing in the sun, picnics outdoors, running in the yard until the evening in light clothing.Autumn brings the gold leaf and meet friends who had returned from a holiday sunburnt and had become bored with each other.All this is extremely cool and fun, but when winter comes, kids come to a real delight.After seeing the first snowflakes in the air, they poured into the streets with cheers and catch them, looking at the uniqueness of the structure, and when the snow covers the ground completely, start the real game - war with snowballs, building forts, riding a mountain on a sled and ski.The deserted lake turns into a skating rink and now, where earlier heats were held on speed, now dissected surface of skaters playing hockey or skating for fun, showing off their skills.Still no one was seen to falling autumn leaves caused as much delight as the falling snow.In contrast, the fall is always a little sad to say goodbye to summer, waiting in front of the long cold.But the arrival of cold weather and snow on the contrary - causes a storm of enthusiasm.And the fluffy snow, the better!And you look at the patterns left by the window frost!After all, he is a true artist who is never repeated.The arrival of a new year makes everyday chores in the happiest.But while adults ravaged shelves, refrigerator yummy clog and restore order in the house, kids gladly takes the responsibility to decorate the room bright serpentine hang colorful balls and sparkling rain.But the main thing - it is dressing the Christmas tree - home and welcome guests every home.You can decorate it every year in a different way, creating a new mood.Approach to the issue should be responsible, as it was then under it will be gifts for the whole family.It is a pity that the most joyous holiday is a time for the whole year.But do not lose heart, because you will always be able to resume in-memory event New Year's Eve, playing winter games.They will not let you become sad and offer many possibilities to cool themselves in the heat of summer, when the window mercilessly roasting sun, or cheer up when the third day in rainy autumn pouring rain.In games with winter themes are always full of humor and fun.Santa always gets in scrupulous situation and it should help out.Loss of gifts for him has become the norm, and you always will be to help him to collect them in the most unexpected places.Okay, leaky bag and gifts from it scattered all over the road, but they were on the branches of trees and the roofs of houses?Winter Games is always doing a good mood.Stories about Bigfoot bully gave him a kind of glory.He is constantly bullied the poor penguins or attacks skiers.Taking part in his antics, you become an accomplice to it.Winter is rich in sports, and this diversity can be lost.Then you and the passing routes to ski jumping, snowboarding, hockey, figure skating and long-distance race.You can even play in the snow bowling, where instead of the ball will have to throw a snowball.But if you want to have some fun, then bring down icicles war game snowballs and build snowmen lepite fortress.Every game will be fun, if it's a winter theme.

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