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Gold - a coveted metal for many people.Gold charms and turns easily into their slaves mercantile persons, eager to profit in any way.It makes your head spin those for whom wealth above all else.But even well-balanced individuals can ill gold rush, if favorable to fall into this circumstance.History knows many examples of gold mining by private individuals into a real hunt.Since the end of the seventeenth century, it took such a scale that it could not be stopped for several centuries.Impoverished aristocrats and hereditary poor rushed to the mines in the hope to improve their financial situation.The most famous gold rushes began in California in 1849, Australia - 1851 South American - 1886 klondayskaya - 1896 Alaska - 1898.Yellow metal mining conditions were abysmal.People do not have the money to buy good equipment and they usually work with picks, shovels, sharpened sticks and even dug the earth with his bare hands.They lived in tents or under the eaves.Terrible food, hard work, poor sanitation and lack of normal living conditions led to frequent illnesses and deaths.But there were also lucky to have found a gold mine, and fertile, richer, his success gave hope for good luck the rest of the miners.Today, these mines are gone, because the state monopolized the production of precious stones, metals and minerals.But many people have kept the spirit of adventure and are looking for a way to continue to search for the treasure.We offer you a completely legal and safe way to be a prospector, playing online games gold digger.To feel like a gold miner, take a spade, pickaxe, bait, dynamite, net, get on a tractor, bulldozer or go down to the sea floor diving, a submarine and other means.Gold occurs in the rock at different depths and to pick it up, it is necessary to dig.Unloaded bars into the cart and send in bins.Working with you and if you are competitors weakling they zagrebut all the gold.The games are not so many rules.Rather, it is only one - to get the gold as possible.Everything else is up to you - the metal occurs in the deep layers of rock?Mean?blow it up and remove the bars.Watch carefully so as not to miss anything, because gold is not always formed into large piles and can be so microscopic that blends with the color of the clay.Argonaut Games Online - this game where you have to lift off the bottom finished gold jewelry and look for them in the big mountains.These treasures were once hidden or lost, but we randomly found this place and now offer you dig out all that there is.Finished objects - it's even better nuggets, because they can be used, but they cost more.If such things are under water in shallow water, you can simply pull the rod, catching hook.Fishing for gold - great fishing!If jewelry lay deep on the bottom, then you have to dive.Broken boats and chests opened their bilges and covers, of which spilled glittering contents.But they are there for a long time, so for scattered them far away from each other, and some are covered with a layer of silt.To find them, will have to look in every corner, under every bush algae and corals, dig in suspicious places.There is also a game for two, where you will compete with a partner in the production of the precious metal.How many of you will be more successful prospector?

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