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Zombies.Many people interpret the word differently, but in most cases, this word implies the undead ogre who goes on mindlessly for their prey.The concept dates back to the mysterious zombie voodoo, in which there are myths about the powerful sorcerer who could revive the dead, and make them their slaves.Popularization of zombies we certainly have to film and literature, where they occupy a separate niche in the horror genre.But thanks all the same books and movies, the word "zombie" and took on a different meaning.These words describe people who lose control of himself, and obey the orders of someone else, to obey the will of another.But, nevertheless, the zombies still associated with something terrible and sinister.Game genre "horror", in which the main enemy of the protagonist are just zombies have become popular among fans of horror.After watching it on TV, or read in the book, the hero shoots them in tens, certainly interesting, but the ability to destroy them yourself, allows you to experience a whole new feeling.Zombie shooting games are just a resounding success all fans of the genre.Zombie games can experience the atmosphere of chaos and fear, see the world, which at first glance can not be alive.Zombie games make you feel like the last hope for humanity, it is from you will depend on the survival of the entire planet.You'll wander along the dark corridors of dungeons, wander through the deserted streets of abandoned cities, everywhere feel the breath of death and horror.At any time, you, the unsuspecting hero can attack zombies, released from the corner of the building, or was waiting for you for the next turn.Zombie games online will introduce you into a state of fear, you will truly experience the oncoming death of people, and you will overcome the fear of every meter of the way.These games, unlike most others, is not recommended for children to play, and the box with the disk, or a start-up game is always that age, the allowed limit for the game.Should not tempt fate, if you are under as many years as the game requires - no need to play it, watch out nerves, they will still come in handy.But to convey the horror of the atmosphere in the game, you need good graphics, and thus a powerful computer.Flash games about zombies do not have this, so they are not as frightening as their "big brothers", but no less interesting.Zombie games online dilute your boring life with new colors, and if you think you are a brave person who does not scare all sorts of horror stories - play, and perhaps in the future you will be more careful in the expression.

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