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Zuma - Holidays to all.

There is a category of games that allows a person to escape time from work to rest and think about the next task.Some people speculated much easier if they are busy with something, rather than sitting, looking at the "emptiness."It can be puzzles, balls, lines, Tetris, Tic-tac-toe, checkers, and other logic games.During the process of the game in one of the logical fun, a person maintains the mobility of the thought process and is not distracted from important issues.Also, these games can entertain you when you travel on public transport and in the period of travel.With these games, spending time, and the trip is reduced significantly.These amusements true casual game Zuma (Zuma), developed by PopCap Games and released in 2003.Along with the computer version, there are mobile, and the ability to zoom, play online makes it especially attractive.In the original version, you have to destroy the frog moving along the chain of balls that are sent to the golden skull.Your goal and purpose - to prevent them from getting to their destination by shooting balls of the same color clusters.To the shot was effective and balls disappeared, there should be at least three in number, but the more, the better.You will see how the color is going to spit the frog, and it will tell you which group of the chain should aim.Accurate shot blows balls, but failed attaches gunman to the others, inserting it into a moving range.Coup brings you game points and advance to victory.Zoom is available in two modes: Adventure - gradual progress through the levels and Gauntlet (gauntlet) - endless game mode.The player also, if desired, can pass the levels several times.Explosion ripped chain tightened and connected again, and destroyed balls are replaced by others.This process will continue until such time as the top right of the board indicator becomes fully green.The emergence of open-work balls carries auxiliary features.Ball with the arrow will delay the chain back to prevent too rapid approach to the skull.The ball will slow down the movement with a pause for a while.Ball with a bomb will explode around other balls at a distance of five centimeters.Well, the ball with the line would better aim and will accelerate.Rate beauty and fascination of the game you can, starting to play online for free zoom.The theme of this game seem attractive to many developers, and today, in addition to the original, we have the ability to play games with the same principle.And in order to make them more attractive, they gave the story lines and original themes.Now you can choose from the stories of the underwater world, the pirate with treasure islands, wild jungle, mysteries of ancient civilizations, magic and sorcery, and many other options.Zuma teen invites gamers of all ages.Everyone will find their own interesting story, can inspire a world of fantasy and adventure.Play zuma online is very simple, because the control is a computer mouse.Bright colors and distinct representation will create a good impression on any of the proposed options.This is the case when the plainness and simplicity of the gameplay only play out and attract attention, and the dynamics of the process adds excitement.We are pleased to inform you that the game is free to play Zoom invites all amateur and professional logic games.This is a great holiday for children and adults young adults.

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